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Take Control of Your Med School Journey Today March 24 - 31, 2024

Are you ready to measure your mastery and pinpoint where you stand on the medical knowledge spectrum? With our robust Free Self-Assessment Exam, you're not just taking a test but preparing for future success. Designed solely for medical students and IMGs like you preparing for Step 1, this is the gateway to evaluating your readiness with unparalleled precision.

Assess and Excel

At the heart of personal growth lies continuous self-evaluation. Our Free Self-Assessment is the foundation for a successful future. Crafted by experts to reflect the content and structure of USMLE Step 1, this assessment isn't merely a test but a compass guiding you toward your goals.

Create your Rx account and visit the Self-Assessment Exam page.

Predictive Performance

Don't just guess where you stand—know it. The Rx Self-Assessment provides a predicted Step 1 score, helping you evaluate your chances of soaring past the passing standard. While Step 1 may be pass/fail, our detailed performance analysis is key to modifying your study plan effectively.

Support at Every Step

We believe in your potential and are here to bolster your preparation. With resources that foster learning and understanding, you can confidently approach your Step 1 exam.

Set yourself apart with access to four timed blocks of 40 multiple-choice, board-style questions, completely separate from the Qmax question bank.

Seamless Access

Starting March 24th, Rx Self-Assessment 1 will be yours to explore—no strings attached. All it takes is a free account, and you're set to start. Whether you've just begun treading the path of medical education or you're nearing the finish line, our Self-Assessment Week is an opportunity you don't want to miss!

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You've taken the Self-Assessment Exam - what's next? Now that you know how you'll perform on the exam, it's time to tackle your weaknesses! Through March 31st, you can take an EXTRA 10% off all new subscriptions of 3+ months with the code SAE24.

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USMLE-Rx Self-Assessments empower you to make the most out of your study time with materials that reflect both the structure and content of the USMLE Step 1. Our Self-Assessments consist of 4 exclusive timed blocks of 40 multiple-choice, board-style questions, separate from the Qmax question bank. Each question has a high-yield explanation so you understand how to reach the correct answer on test day.

Self-Assessment Week is open to those with a free or paid account.

USMLE-Rx Self-Assessment Week Timeline

March 24

Self-Assessment 1 becomes available to all free and paid accounts. It can be found under Qmax Questions. We'll also notify you with a can't-miss email!

March 24 - 31

Set aside time for the Step 1 Self-Assessment (roughly 4 hours). Remember, the test takes a while, so don’t delay!

March 31

Remember to share your Self-Assessment experience and explore using the #RxScore. And take advantage of 30% off all new subscriptions, upgrades, and extensions!


Our Self-Assessment Week is approaching quickly! Get set up with your free account and take the USMLE-Rx Self-Assessment 1 exam for free between March 24 - 31, 2024.



When you sign up for a free account, you’ll have access to Rx360+ for the first five days after sign-up. Take advantage of that time to test-drive the most comprehensive study system on the market and see the difference we can make in your studying.

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