Rx Question Lab

A Weekly Virtual Workshop

Each Tuesday @ 8pm ET

Let's face it, things look very different than anyone could have expected this semester. You're facing new challenges, including how you continue to study for the USMLE Step 1 from wherever you find yourself today.

That's why we are hosting a series of weekly virtual workshops called Question Lab designed to help you stay sharp and study efficiently.

You probably know that the highest yield activity you can do when studying for Step 1 is answering NBME-style questions. But board questions are complicated and learning to dissect them is a skill that you have to develop if you want to achieve your exam goals.

At Question Lab, we'll help you develop that skill by dissecting board-style questions together in real-time. Learn from Rx-certified coaches, ask questions, and make Question Lab part of your new study routine.

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Each Tuesday @ 8pm ET

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