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Spend the summer with Rx Bricks for the low price of $9.99! Access our entire Rx Bricks Library, with over 800 interactive learning modules.

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Why do students love Rx Bricks?

Whether for first pass learning, second pass review, or boards preparation, Rx Bricks can help you understand the essential topics of medicine in under 20 minutes.

The fact that Bricks are so easy to understand combined with it being integrated to First Aid is so good.

The bricks are fantastic, helped me significantly for physio during M1.

Joseph H.

Nothing beats Rx bricks. They are crucial in understanding FA, and I believe everyone who sits for board exams, must go through them at least once.

M. Jindal

The Bricks are super useful and explain everything so simply that it is impossible not to correlate every single piece of information like a puzzle. Also I think it is a great name since you can build information that stays solid in your brain and knowledge.

Rx Bricks is an excellent review tool, giving just enough detail to refresh my memory without getting stuck in the weeds.

I use Rx Bricks all the time to study for exams, it is easy and useful + I highly recommend it for review.

Bricks are very good at allowing you to review the big points of systemic physiology and associated pathogenesis and the associated symptoms it causes along with the treatments and why they work.

I frequently use USMLE-Rx to prepare for Boards and courses. Quick and easy to follow Bricks that perfectly complement First Aid. Thank you, USMLE-Rx!

I have tried every resource out there – from Anki to Pathoma, from Osmosis to Boards and Beyond – but nothing beats USMLE-Rx. Especially the Bricks. It’s all I use now!

[Rx Bricks] makes medical school topics more digestible. I get overwhelmed like a lot of my classmates. This puts the information in, well, Bricks.

Bricks really breaks it down piece by piece to make me understand. There were some concepts that I was struggling with. With Bricks, I was able to read the concept clearly and actively repeat back to myself.

I love the questions at the end [of each Brick] and think it really helps to check how well you absorbed and understood that Brick.

Well written concise material that hits on all the important topics. There is nothing quite like Bricks out there that summarizes material in a manner comparable to how a student might hope to review the foundations of their first two years of medical school. In a market filled with videos and gimmicks, Rx Bricks offers a different edge that you can’t acquire elsewhere.

Bricks really breaks it down piece by piece to make me understand. There were some concepts that I was struggling with. With Bricks, I was able to read the concept clearly and actively repeat back to myself.

[Rx Bricks] helps explain difficult topics very well and has a flow that helps you retain information.

Rx is unbelievably good. I got it with the Bricks for two years as I just started medical school and I can tell it’s phenomenal. I’m learning, getting well oriented with the First Aid and doing well in school by utilizing the Rx… The best investment for any medical student.

I am blown away by USMLE-Rx and the Bricks. I have many other resources… and Rx is a way to bring everything together in one place. The Bricks are very high yield, they cover a lot of things other resources don’t (especially the First Aid book).

[Rx Bricks] is the best resource for intro or a refresher on subject matter. My classmates who use it swear by the concise and easy flow of the presentation. We love having it when our lecture notes are a little iffy.

Make the most of this summer so that you're ready when classes start!

Use the bricks to learn the core concepts of medicine through a unique blend of clear and concise language and interactive learning activities.


Rx Bricks The better way to learn.

A robust library of nearly 800 short, easy-to-understand, interactive modules that cover the foundations of medicine.

  • “Need-to-know” topics succinctly explained with simple "clear language" explanations, often in under 20 minutes
  • Clinical correlations, real-world stories, and more
  • Visualize complex concepts and quiz yourself using interactive images
  • Assess your understanding with measurable objectives, interactive flashcards, and practice questions built into each “brick”

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