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Your Friendsgiving gathering may look different this year, but you still have a chance to pass a generous helping of a free one-year Rx Bricks subscription to 25 of your closest friends. Celebrate the season and see how easy it is to build your medical knowledge with Bricks.

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Strengthen your foundation and close your learning gaps with a robust library of 800+ high-yield, patient-centered modules called “Bricks”. Learn exactly what you need to know—faster and easier than ever—with simple clear-language explanations and built-in review tools.

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With five powerful, high-yield tools in one proven system, Rx360+ is the only resource you need. Get a digital copy of First Aid; the most-detailed, multi-step Qbank; a robust digital learning library; highly-rated flash cards, and engaging videos—all fully integrated and consolidated in one app to give you a truly efficient and effective learning experience.


Step 2 CK Qmax Free For Life!

Ace your Step 2 CK exam and be prepared for rounds with quality questions and high-yield explanations. Understanding why an answer is wrong is just as important as understanding why an answer is correct. That’s why Step 2 CK Qmax breaks down the question and every answer option to show you how to get to the right answer.


25 12-month Subscriptions to Rx Bricks

Go deeper with a robust library of interactive learning modules. Rx Bricks is the better way to learn exactly what you need to know—faster and easier than ever. Give 25 of your closest friends access to a robust library of short, high-yield, interactive lessons and built-in review tools, directly integrated with other USMLE-Rx tools.


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