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Here’s the “Rx Challenge”: Try our Step 1 Qmax for free for 5 days (no strings attached!) and see if it’s not the most high-yield Qbank on the planet. Tell us what you think and you’ll also get a chance to win a medical career counseling session with legendary First Aid senior editor Dr. Tao Le—and a $500 gift card.

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So... why in the world are we just giving you access to Rx360+ for 5 full days—as well as giving away this high-value coaching session?

In short, because we’re committed to being the #1 Qbank, and we want your feedback.

We’re confident that if you accept the Rx Challenge and compare our Qbank to the’ll see what thousands of other students see:

Now that we’ve massively upgraded our Qbank over the last two years, an overwhelming majority of students prefer ours to the market-leading Qbank.


We asked hundreds of med students—including some who were preparing for Step 1 and others who had already taken it—to participate in a blind comparison of our questions vs. other leading Qbanks.

The results above speak for themselves!

Maybe you’ve heard of Rx360+ from a friend. Or maybe a classmate. But have they tried the new-and-improved Qbank?

Thousands of students who have already accepted the Rx Challenge are raving about it. In fact, after spending a week with USMLE-RX… 76% agree it’s now the best Qbank on the planet!


We’re so sure you’ll like it that we’ll give you 5 FREE days to try it out...with zero strings attached. (Oh, and you’ll also get that chance to win the 1-on-1 coaching session with Dr. Tao Le just for sharing your opinion!)

Use it for free, then compare it with your other study tools.

Then let us know if you agree that it’s the new gold standard.

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Here’s what students have to say about the new Qmax:

RX is the best Qbank available! I've done Uworld and other Qbanks but I feel Rx is more appropriate, and it focuses on high-yield.

I have done several Qbanks, but none of them can compare or compete with the explanations that Qmax provides per question. Also, I love the videos and how they are an interactive way to complement First Aid.

I love that both correct and incorrect answers are thoroughly explained, as well as the links to relevant flashcards, videos, and of course images from First Aid. My favorite feature is the "Bottom Line" that tells me exactly what I needed to know to answer the question correctly. The format is great as well as it mirrors what the actual exam will look like.

The explanations, illustrations and reference pages help me study smarter, not harder. And also I love the opportunity to gauge my performance in comparison to other students.

But don’t take their word for it

How to Accept the Rx Challenge:

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